Everyone presents something!

All attendees will be presenting their work in the form of a poster or a talk. A schedule of all the talks will be published in the Conference Handout, which everyone receives when they arrive at the conference. 

It is not essential that you have finished your research. You can, in fact, even pose questions about your research that you would like help with. This is a conference by students, for students, and these presentations will help create discussion about eveyone's work.

There will be prizes for both talks and posters, so take some time in preparing your presentation.


Guidelines for presenting at SCCS-Aus 2019


Talks will run for the whole day, consecutively, within the single lecture theatre. Students will present a 10-minute talk on their research to the entire audience, plus a few minutes to answer some questions from the audience.


Posters will be displayed for the first week of the conference. Students will be allocated a stall number to hang their poster and will be required to stand with their poster for the poster sessions. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to talk to you about your work, and for each conference participant to chat individually with poster presenters about their work.


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