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Workshops (2013)

SCCS 2013 - Workshop Descriptions 

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS): This half day workshop introduced the basic concepts in GIS and its potential applications.
Instructor: Dr. Hawthorne Beyer from the Environmental Decisions Group, University of Queensland.

Introduction to Marxan: This full day workshop provided participants with basic knowledge and skills necessary to use Marxan for conservation planning. 
Instructor: Matt Watts from the Environmental Decisions Group, University of Queensland.

Basic R: This full day workshop introduced participants to the R software environment and provide some basic training on using R for simple statistical analyses.
Instructors: Will Morris and John Baumgartner from the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group, University of Melbourne.

Generalised Linear Models: For participants with previous knowledge of basic statistics, this workshop explored the use of generalised linear models in the analysis of environmental and ecological data. Instructor: Assoc. Professor Yvonne Buckley from the Environmental Decisions Group, University of Queensland.

Bayesian Statistics: For participants with a good background in basic statistics, this full day workshop looked at theory and applications of Bayesian approach to
statistical analysis. Instructor: Assoc. Professor Michael McCarthy, from the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group, University of Melbourne.

Spatial Conservation Planning: This workshop introduced the basic concepts and approaches to spatial conservation planning. 
Instructor: Dr Carissa Klein from the Environmental Decisions Group, University of Queensland.

Decision Theory: This workshop provided participants with an introduction to decision theory and its applications in environmental decision-making. 
Instructor: Terry Walshe from the Environmental Decisions Group, The University of Melbourne.

Using Socioeconomic Information: The workshop outlined the basic principles and approaches for including socio-economic information in conservation, with a focus on improving conservation outcomes. Instructor: Dr Josie Carwardine, from CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences.

Stakeholder Engagement: Workshop participants were introduced to various approaches in engaging and establishing productive working relationships with the different stakeholders involved in conservation projects. Instructor: Dr. Eddie Game from The Nature Conservancy.

Role of Scientists in Society: This session focused on a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of scientists in the larger community. 
Instructor: Max Bourke from the Thomas Foundation.

Scientific writing: This workshop provided participants with some practical tips on writing scientific papers for publication. 
Instructor: Dr Patrick O’Connor from the University of Adelaide.

Writing Grant Proposals: The workshop covered some practical advice for writing effective grant proposals for research and conservation projects. 
Instructor: Prof. Hugh Possingham from the Environmental Decisions Group, University of Queensland.

Designing Poster Presentations: Useful tips and tricks for designing posters that engage audience attention and leave a lasting positive impression. 
Instructor: Dr. Emily Nicholson from the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group, University of Melbourne.

Effective talks and presentations: This workshop focused on creating and delivering effective oral presentations for scientific/academic conferences. 
Instructor: David Salt from the Environmental Decisions Group, Australian National University, Canberra.

Media Skills: This workshop discussed some practical tips on the effective use of the media to communicate conservation research to the general public. 
Instructor: Caroline McFarlane from the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists.

Birds of a Feather: Students form their own discussion groups.


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