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About the conference

SCCS conferences are a series aimed specifically for students, and have taken off all around the world! 

The program is designed for post-graduate students pursuing studies within the field of conservation science, including (but not limited to) ecology, environmental science, resource management, geography, economics, and social sciences.

The conferences are 10 days of fun! We combine a 3-day conference with over 60 presentations, training and workshops, field trips and sightseeing in Brisbane and surrounds, not to mention the farewell party and awards night! Hosted in Brisbane, Australia by the University of more


The Student Conference on Conservation Science first began at Cambridge University, UK, and has since spread with many SCCS sister conferences popping up around the world and throughout the year. We held the first SCCS-Australia in 2013 at the University of Queensland, and it was an incredible success. Another conference followed in 2015, and we plan to continue this successful series. 

Past conferences

Have a look at our past conferences to see what fantastic experiences we offer!

SCCS-Aus 2013 (21-31 January 2013)

SCCS-Aus 2015 (19-29 January 2015)



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The University of Queensland St Lucia, Brisbane, Australia